Every little helps when it comes to one of the UK's biggest supermarket retailers. We were on hand to be a big help!




• Carton Live Picking System
• Conveyors


10 weeks

Dynamic Soutions for Tesco
Dynamic Soutions for Tesco

The Challenge

Tesco were inviting suppliers to submit proposals for a new Carton flow and conveyor system. Tesco decided that we were the most suitable company due to our knowledge and experience.

Dynamic Soutions for Tesco
Dynamic Soutions for Tesco

What we did

We knew that improving their conveyors and Carton live picking systems would bring many benefits to their day to day activities; including high picking efficiency, improved productivity, space reduction and short throughput times. It was important for the picking staff at Tesco to have a system that allowed for effective picking of small items and conveyors for packing items for distribution.

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