High Bay Racking Removal

The end of a warehouse lease can be a stressful time with lots to organise, often to tight deadlines.


20 Meter high racking removal

Removal of Cranes

Removal of steel structures


5 weeks

High Bay Racking Removal
High Bay Racking Removal

Planning and Consideration

We dismantled all of the racking and equipment within the timescale

We’ve found that using a positive approach and knowing just what’s possible within timescales is the best way to enter into projects – we were told by a client recently that this is what made our company stand out, and why they chose us for their contract.

How we handled the project:

The job involved removing 20 metre high pallet racking, along with bespoke cranes and other associated steel structures.

The client was concerned as they only had five weeks to remove all this before their lease agreement was due to end.

We dismantled all of the racking and equipment within the timescales and removed it from site as agreed.

We then went the extra mile, finding another client who needed the pallet racking, who we were able to sell it on to, ensuring a significant amount of rebate for our initial customer.

If you are nearing the end of a lease, or planning to relocate, please get in touch for a quote from our professional team.

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