COMAH Cage Installation for Tesco




COMAH Cage installation for aerosol storage


6 weeks

Protecting Tesco's Warehouse Racking
Protecting Tesco's Warehouse Racking

The Customer

Tesco is one of the UK’s largest retailers with approximately 3,700 stores across the UK.

The Challenge

In order to further safeguard their warehouse, Tesco came to us with a request to explore the options the options to add a protective cage around their existing pallet racking.

The extra need for protection was to prevent the spread of fire from aerosols that were stored in the warehouse. The site required the cage to be built around a live warehousing operation.

Protecting Tesco's Warehouse Racking

The Solution

We designed a COMAH cage along with access points for the client and offered an installation method so they could carry on with their day to day operations within the warehouse.

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