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Don't leave pallet racking removal until the end

5 Mar 2021

Quite often we find that pallet racking is the last job to be considered when it's time to leave and close a site.

Don't leave pallet racking removal until the end

Sometimes we have been commissioned to remove racking from clients warehouses with very little time.

This recent racking strip out was carried out with just three days’ notice from the client and with a deadline of four days to completely remove the pallet racking from the site.

After planning how best to remove the racking in such a short time frame, we dismantled the installation at no charge and gave the client a rebate for the pallet racking too.

This turned out to be a great relief to the client. Before we arrived on the scene, they had been let down by another company on this project.

As with every project we undertake, one of our contracts managers was on-site to handle all health and safety controls along with our racking team to ensure a smooth process in handing the site back to the client.