Carton Flow

Carton Flow automates your shelving storage reducing travel distances and making workflows faster.

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Achieve high picking efficiency rates with carton live storage racks.

Here goods can be picked up to five times more quickly compared to standard shelving systems.

Picking and fulfilling customer orders as quickly and efficiently as possible without error whenever possible is the aim of Carton Flow. In addition, goods and parts can be supplied quickly and clearly on a FIFO basis at workstations or along production lines. If you are handling high and medium turnover products with high stock rotation, Carton Flow can help avoid idle time caused by a lack of supply.

Carton Flow

Reducing picking times by 40%

Carton Flow
Carton Flow


Goods are supplied on a FIFO basis

Picking works based on the goods-to-operator principle

Racks are loaded from the rear and move along the rollers

Items can be stored individually in plastic containers or as a single packaged unit


Carton Flow will bring many benefits to your business including high picking efficiency, improved productivity, space reduction and short throughput times.

On the retrieval side of the flow racks, articles are sorted in a compact, clearly arranged space. Products are clearly visible and travel times are very short, reducing picking times by 40 per cent compared with picking from conventional racking installations. Storing goods in a more compact area results in space savings of 30 per cent or more. Strictly separating feeding and retrieval zones also increases employee productivity.

Carton Flow

Transform your warehouse space with dynamic storage and picking solutions.

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