Pallet Flow

Pallet Live storage offers high flexibility and reduces the time taken to pick goods.

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The perfect Pallet Flow system that will save your business significant time and cost.

If you wish to provide direct access to product lines without disruptions to supply, optimise the use of your warehouse space, clearly structure your logistical processes and stock several pallets of the same product correctly, you need a Pallet Flow system.


FIFO storage principle

Eliminates unnecessary aisles

Offers high flexibility and short timeframes

Direct access to the front of racks

Pallet Flow

Your business success will be affected by your ability to coordinate logistical processes perfectly and Pallet Live will enable you to achieve this.

In addition, these systems offer other efficiencies such as space optimisation and shorter timeframes which reduce business costs. Travel times can be reduced by up to 40 per cent and due to the elimination of unnecessary aisles, you can gain up to 60% of floor space. Safety is an important factor for all businesses and these flow systems makes the picking process and the overall warehouse environment safer.

Transform your warehouse space with dynamic storage and picking solutions.

Speak with us today to discover how we can help you to create a streamlined pallet flow system that offers time and space efficiency in your business.

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Pallet Flow