Pallet Racking Accessories

With the right pallet racking accessories, you can adapt every pallet racking system perfectly to suit your requirements.

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Pallet Racking Accessories

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We will help you find the best accessories for your pallet racking including pull out units, mesh decking, shelving panels, support bars, levelling plates and more.

Pallet Racking Barriers

Pallet racking barriers provide protection from fast, heavy moving machinery working in aisles or moving around racking systems. With attachable end column upright protection, pallet racking barriers are designed to protect the side of a racking system at ground level.

Pallet Racking Barriers

Our safety barriers are designed to offer protection to equipment and staff allowing our clients to carry out their operations safely and efficiently.

The majority of the force from a collision with a fork lift truck can be absorbed or completely deflected by pallet racking barriers. One of the main issues with pallet racking is reversing and moving heavy lifting vehicles, where distances can often be difficult to measure. Pallet racking barriers provide additional protection to the end of racks, drastically reducing the possibility of damage which could lead to a racking collapse, and risking lives.

Health and Safety at Work demands the highest safety standards in the workplace. Therefore, in busy, noisy, often confusing warehouse and factory environments, it is absolutely essential that employees, visitors and customers feel safe and clearly identify the safe areas at all times.

Our barriers are ideal for identifying and protecting storage areas, machinery and equipment and for denying access to places that are potentially hazardous.

Pallet Racking Accessories

Whether installing, maintaining or expanding, our professional installers offer a fast and safe installation.

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