With 80% of warehouses today being manually operated, the potential for robotics is huge.

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The growth of the automated warehouse.


Warehouses and fulfilment centres are increasingly using customised automated machinery to work alongside staff and assist with managing the movement, storage and sorting of warehouse inventory. Retail giants such as Amazon, ASOS and Alliance Healthcare are among the many companies that have invested in automated material handling systems to store, manage and dispatch products.

Robotics will become essential to success

In 2019 DHL Trend Research cited that robotic solutions will not only assist with picking and packing, they will become essential to address the need for faster processes coupled with the challenge of ongoing labour shortages.


We understand the critical need to ensure floors are robot-ready.

Industrial premises will continue to grow in size and mezzanine floors are increasingly used to optimise the available space.

Robots used for picking, moving and sorting goods have strict requirements for floor conditions to ensure their optimum performance;


must meet set criteria for minimal slopes, steps and joints


Floor slip resistance must meet the minimum co-efficient levels


Robots operate in a grid system moving at 90° angles


There must be regular traffic over the same route.

Our Robot Flooring Solution

Our new hybrid mezzanine flooring system consists of a robust interlocking 7mm textured PVC floor tile that can be fixed on top of our 30mm OSB and 38mm particle board mezzanine decking.

Not only do you get the benefit of robust decking panels with a high point load, you can protect the
surface with easy-to-replace, tough-wearing tiles that have an anti-slip surface and help minimise
indentations over time from the robots’ regular path.

The interlocking system is extremely durable and, when installed, the joining mechanism is virtually
invisible to the eye. A straight access edge is added to finish off the floor neatly.


7mm thick textured floor tile fixed on OSB decking

(cut away for illustrative purposes only)


The tile provides a flat, robust surface for AGVs

(cut away for illustrative purposes only)


Tile size: 515mm x 515mm Thickness: 7mm

Material: Recyclable PVC

Interlock: Dovetail

Finish: Textured

Fixing: Adhesive

Colours: 11 including Hi-Level graphite grey to match our ancillaries (custom colour options available for floors over 200m²)

Complies with IEC61340

CE mark approved

R10 slip rating

Electro static behaviour: 2kv


1. Helps reduce indentations from regular moving loads, e.g. via automated guided vehicles or pallet trucks

2. Any damaged tiles can be replaced without disrupting the rest of the floor

3. Its moisture resistance makes it easy to clean and maintain

4. Helps reduce dust and noise below

5. Option to use a contrast colour to highlight particular areas of the floor for health & safety.

Concrete composite flooring is another robot-friendly alternative for heavy point loads, but in most instances the hybrid tiling solution will suffce. Our structural engineers will be able to advise on the most appropriate flooring for your specific requirements.

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