Long Span Shelving

Quick assembly, low cost and with good stability - Longspan shelving offers a versatile method to store light to heavy loads.

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Long Span Shelving

A versatile solution

It can be used in almost any situation and offers the benefits of quick assembly, low cost and good stability.

All of our equipment is manufactured according to the highest quality and safety regulations. PD Industrial guarantees that rack installations fully comply with SEMA and/or FEM standards as a minimum.

Helping you find the perfect shelving solution.

If your company needs to add shelving or replace existing units, please get in touch. We’ll advise on the range of options available, and find the one which best suits your business, as well as taking care of the safe installation.

Long Span Shelving
Long Span Shelving
Long Span Shelving
Long Span Shelving

Various beam sections make longspan ideal for versatile storage applications, allowing a wide range of loadings to be accommodated.

Longspans versatile nature means it can be incorporated into a broad spectrum of applications. Whether installing, maintaining or expanding – our professional installers offer a fast and safe installation.


Fully Adjustable

Quick to assemble

Varied applications

Steel, mesh, chipboard shelves available

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