Mezzanine flooring removals & relocation

Sometimes it's necessary to conduct a removal or relocation of your mezzanine floors. We can help you do this in a safe and affordable way.

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Mezzanine Flooring
Removals & Relocation

Do you need to remove your mezzanine flooring?

Whether you are simply moving premises and don’t need your Mezzanine Floor anymore, or if you would like to take it with you, we can help and offer advice on the best solution.

Mezzanine Floors are demountable and relocatable structures that can also be adapted to suit new premises often with simple modification. We are experienced in removal and relocation, offering a fully project managed, nationwide service. We can assemble our teams at short notice and work to your schedule.

How we relocate your Mezzanine Floor

Our team will ensure that your mezzanine floor removal or relocation is completed on time, safely and as smoothly as possible.

We will ensure that the removal or relocation is planned for the most convenient time and causes the minimum disruption to your business operations. This service is available across the majority of the UK. Our design team can also help with adapting your existing mezzanine floor to suit your new or growing requirements.

Mezzanine flooring removals & relocation
Mezzanine flooring removals & relocation

Health & Safety is of the highest importance to our experienced engineers when planning and undertaking Mezzanine Floor removals and relocations.

Mezzanine flooring removals & relocation

We are experienced with warehouse strip outs and removals and have the appropriate qualifications and expertise.

Mezzanine flooring removals & relocation
Mezzanine flooring removals & relocation

Moving or relocating your Mezzanine Floor?

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