Pallet racking & gondola relocation

Remove or relocate gondola and pallet racking the easy way. We can cut project times by up to 70%.

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Pallet Racking
& Gondola Relocation

Our brand new service will ensure you can move your racking or gondola quickly, with minimal disruption to normal service and in a fraction of the time.

We have specialist equipment for both racking and gondolas, both of which can be quickly attached, allowing the shelving to be simply pushed into place.

- There’s no need to dismantle the racking first
- Gondolas can be moved without unloading products
- The equipment has been fully tested in the UK and complies with all safety standards


Virtually No Down Time

Reduced Programme & Cost

Reduced Merchandising Requirements

Reduced Risk On Shift Completion

Reduced Disruption To Customers And Sales