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Introducing the UK’s first online racking inspection and damage tracking portal…

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One site or a dozen... Control your racking inspections and repairs from one place!

Unlock real-time tracking and monitoring of your inspections, repairs, damage so you can manage the overall safety of your warehouse estates direct from the cloud.



Zero Training Required. This is the approach we have adopted when working with our leading UK-based software developers to create Theia. The application is intuitive and simple for you to operate, whilst backed by our sales and support team to provide ongoing improvements for you as we work closer to our vision of creating the very safest and best-managed warehouse estates in the world.

Improved Warehouse Safety​

Theia is the first UK racking inspection and damage tracking portal enabling you to successfully manage your pallet racking assets and track your progress towards delivering a safer warehouse facility with the minimum number of damaged racks. In addition, repair times are reduced as you have full oversight of your live pallet racking status via the interactive plan-view dashboard which has colour coded identifiers.

Track your pallet racking inspections online with our cloud based portal

Unlock real-time tracking and monitoring of your pallet racking inspections, repairs or damage and manage the overall safety of your warehouse estates easily and efficiently. Theia makes this possible by giving you the control, visibility, reporting and traceability you need to keep your sites safe and keep outage periods to the minimum.

Track your pallet racking inspections online with our cloud based portal


Get real-time data for a complete vision of your warehouse sites like never before.


Centralised cost and buying power​

Whether you are managing one warehouse site, or many, Theia has been developed to make it work for both scenarios incredibly well. By choosing Theia, you will benefit from a number of cost savings. Firstly, by having PD Industrial carry out your Pallet Racking Inspections, you will benefit from seeing the results straight away, without the need for waiting for reports to be submitted. Following this, any deficiencies are flagged up, and you can then instruct on a quick and efficient repair to the location. This will keep downtime to a minimum. Repairs can be centralised into quarterly plans which would enable you to benefit from buying power and economies of scale by purchasing assets together, reducing your overall capital investment. Your warehouse is going to love Theia, and so is your FD!


Theia is a cloud-based portal that is available online on any computer via your website browser using a modern version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and other popular web browsers. For best performance, we recommend Google Chrome. In addition, Theia also works on iOS devices using the official app available via the App Store. Being a cloud-based platform, you will always have the latest and most up-to-date data and software updates, on whichever device you choose to use.


Maximised Visibility

Free yourself of paper forms and records – Theia brings your pallet racking inspection reports and damage tracking online, giving you access to real-time dashboards hosted securely in the cloud.


Making your warehouses a safer place to work by enabling you to keep track of routine inspections, schedule and manage repairs more quickly and minimise down-time.

Total Control

You’re in control of the full lifecycle of your warehouse racking from inspections to repairs and everything in between including the centralised management of maintenance requests.

See your racking inspections, reports and damage, in real-time.

Do you have a blurry picture on the up-to-date status of your warehouse sites? Unsure when your last racking inspections took place? Wondering which locations are out of order due to damage and when they are going to be repaired? 

Theia’s real-time dashboards will give you the clarity you need.

See your racking inspections, reports and damage, in real-time.


Interactive Warehouse Plans - At the core of Theia lies a customised visual representation of your warehouse as a plan‑view.

By seeing your warehouse layouts, you are able to better understand the pallet racking locations within your sites. Coloured status indicators are overlaid on these interactive plans giving you the ability to see your racking status at a glance. You can select a rack location to view details and specifications of the rack, along with details of its last inspection. Managing repairs and ensuring your sites are safe become much easier with the help of Theia.


Manage multiple warehouse sites

We understand how difficult it can be for you to keep track and successfully manage several warehouse sites ensuring safety and maximum operational efficiency. Theia helps you overcome this challenge with a centralised dashboard for all your warehouse sites.

How does it work?