How It Works

How does Theia
actually work?

Reinventing the way you manage your warehouse estate.

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How It Works

Your Real-Time Dashboard

Our mission is to give you whole sight of your warehouse estate, enabling you to see your warehouse damage in real-time, saving time, cost and improving safety. By choosing Theia, you will be joining an exclusive group of facilities managers who now have complete oversight over their warehouse status. Leveraging real-time information from a central cloud interface makes this a truly revolutionary way to manage your warehouses. Data can be extracted into Warehouse Management Systems for knocking out damaged locations, saving your time in doing this manually.

Giving you the full picture

If you are like many warehouse estate managers we speak with, you may have a blurry picture on the up-to-date status of your warehouse sites, when your last racking inspections took place, which locations are out of order due to damage and when they are going to be repaired.

Theia has been built just for you. We help you overcome these problems by implementing our cloud-based system that provides a real-time dashboard giving you the valuable data you need to run your operations efficiently and centralise cost.

How It Works
How It Works

Interactive Warehouse Plan-Views

At the core of Theia lies customised visual representation of your warehouse as a plan-view. By seeing your warehouse layouts, you are able to better understand the pallet racking locations within your sites. Coloured status indicators are overlaid on these interactive plans giving you the ability to see your racking status at a glance. You can select a rack location to view details and specifications of the rack, along with details of its last inspection. Managing repairs and ensuring your sites are safe become much easier with the help of Thiea.

From Inspection to Repair

Theia is an end-to-end solution for managing warehouse racking infrastructure from inspections through to repairs. When we inspect your racking, the data is inputted straight into Theia which not only gives you the information you need quickly, but also provides full traceability as to when the locations were last inspected, and by whom. When damage is identified, it is photographed by the inspector and the images are uploaded to Theia enabling you to see the damage without leaving the application. Repairs are then able to be managed efficiently as the racking details, manufacturer and specifications are recorded, along with details of the damage, eliminating the need for data-hunts.

How It Works
How It Works

No More Paper Forms

Not only are the environmental impacts reduced, moving away from paper forms, checklists and Excel spreadsheets brings a whole host of benefits which you may not imagine possible. Paper and manual spreedsheets quickly become out of date and data can be difficult to gather and organise. Theia gives you the information you have been waiting for, at the click of a button. Through your portal, you can see all the data you have been trying to get, in real-time, via the dashboards. Data from your latest inspections are accessible and stored within the system allowing you to quickly and easily view which deficiencies require your attention in order of priority.


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