The challenge

We had to remove a 100,000 sqft mezzanine floor in order to fit a new pallet racking into the building.

Our solution

Within a span of 2 weeks, we utilised a mechanical machine to efficiently dismantle the mezzanine floor, allowing us to promptly proceed with the installation of the pallet racking.

100,000 sqft

mezzanine removed


new pallet locations delivered

The results

Within a timeframe of 12 weeks, we successfully completed a comprehensive stripout and fitout project.

“These are the types of projects that we love. A mixture of stripout and fitout, all manged by our team to deliver in time.”

Operations Director, PD Industrial

12 weeks

Pallet racking

Mezzanine removal

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We carried out this project under difficult circumstances but still delivered on time and within budget.

Trevor Deakin, - Operations Director, PD Industrial