Warehouse Lifecycle:

Retrofit Projects

When your business needs change, your warehouse needs to change too. We can reconfigure your existing footprint to optimise space, improve productivity and boost your bottom line. At PD Industrial,.. we specialise in retrofit projects, expertly transforming existing warehouse and industrial spaces into modern, efficient, and highly functional environments. Understanding the challenges and opportunities inherent in retrofitting, we apply our extensive expertise to revitalise and repurpose your current spaces, aligning them with the latest industry standards and your specific business needs.

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Reclaim space
Boost efficiency
Improve productivity

Transforming your storage space

When your business needs change, your warehouse needs to change too. Whether it’s converting to narrow aisles, upgrading racking or introducing a Mezzanine floor, our experts will identify cost-effective ways to reconfigure your space to improve workflow and productivity. Our approach to retrofit projects is highly customised. We begin by thoroughly assessing your existing space, considering factors such as layout, structural limitations, and operational requirements. Our team of skilled designers and engineers then develops a plan that not only addresses these considerations but also seeks to enhance the overall functionality and efficiency of the space. We believe that every retrofit project is unique, and our solutions are designed to reflect the individuality of your business and its operational goals.

How it works:


Let’s make the most of your warehouse footprint

For any retrofit project, we know that minimising downtime is absolutely vital to keep operations running as smoothly as possible. Our team of experts are here to help. We start by assessing your current challenges along with your business needs, then our expert CDM team come up with proposals to reconfigure your space to optimise workflow and boost productivity. Whatever your industry, budget and timescale, we firmly believe there is always a way to improve warehouse racking and we’re here to advise and support on the best ways to achieve your goals. Incorporating state-of-the-art solutions is a hallmark of our retrofit projects at PD Industrial. We utilise advanced technologies and systems to upgrade your facilities, from energy-efficient lighting and climate control systems to innovative storage solutions and automation. Our aim is to not only modernise your space but also to create an environment that is sustainable, cost-effective, and conducive to productivity and growth.

We deliver to site safely and swiftly

Once the design is approved, the project is handed over to our contracts team and you will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager. It’s their job to coordinate all aspects of the job in accordance with health and safety guidelines. When good are delivered on-site, your Project Manager will agree on a suitable date to suit you. Upon delivery we require a clear indoor space to offload materials safely, and may also request access to equipment for off-loading and transfer of materials. In this instance we will notify you in advance to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.

Professional installation, minimal disruption

We know that any retrofit job can be hen it comes to installation, you can trust PD Industrial to carry out a quality and professional job to our exacting health and safety standards, all whilst preventing significant disruption to your daily operations. Prior to installation, your Project Manager will work with you to ensure clear passage for transfer of materials to the installation area, which may involve use of onsite forklifts and scissor lifts if available. We understand that retrofit projects need to be managed carefully to minimise disruption to your ongoing operations. Our project management teams are adept at planning and executing retrofits in a way that reduces downtime and maintains operational continuity. We work closely with you to develop a schedule that suits your business needs, ensuring that the retrofit process is as smooth and unobtrusive as possible.

We hand over a quality job

Once installation is complete, your Project Manager will check the work to make sure we delivered exactly what was agreed, then double check that you are happy with the final result too. We never leave a job half done, and if there are any problems with a job we will work to make it right. When we do leave the site, we’ll tidy up after ourselves and leave the place as we found it (or better!) so you can continue with day to day operations safely and efficiently.

Why choose PD Industrial?

Large scale expertise

PD Industrial stands out in the realm of large-scale retrofit projects, bringing a wealth of expertise to the table when dealing with expansive and complex warehouse and industrial spaces. Our.. proficiency lies in tackling substantial challenges that come with large-scale operations, ensuring every aspect of the retrofitting process is meticulously planned and executed. We thrive in environments where scale and complexity require a deep understanding of advanced technologies and systems integration. Our team has a proven track record in managing and successfully delivering large-scale projects, demonstrating our capability to handle substantial space transformations. This expertise allows us to not only meet the unique demands of larger facilities but also to enhance their efficiency, safety, and operational flow, thereby significantly contributing to the overall productivity and success of our clients’ businesses.

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Full in-house CDM

PD Industrial’s approach to retrofit projects is bolstered by our full in-house Construction Design and Management (CDM) capabilities. This comprehensive service encompasses all stages of a retrofit project, from initial.. design through to completion. Our dedicated in-house team, consisting of experienced designers, engineers, and project managers, ensures a cohesive and streamlined execution of each project. By managing all aspects of CDM within our own skilled team, we maintain complete control over quality, timelines, and safety. This integrated approach not only enhances efficiency and coordination but also ensures that every retrofit project adheres to the highest standards of compliance and workmanship. Our clients benefit from this in-house expertise, receiving a seamless and hassle-free experience that results in a transformed space that is both functional and compliant with all industry regulations.

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Unrivalled customer service

At PD Industrial, we set the standard for unrivalled customer service in the field of retrofit projects. Our commitment to providing exceptional service is evident in every interaction. We recognise.. that effective communication is key to successful project outcomes, hence, we ensure our clients are informed, involved, and supported throughout every phase of the retrofit process. Our team goes above and beyond to understand and meet the unique needs of each client, offering customised solutions and prompt responses to any queries or concerns. We believe in building lasting relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect. Our focus on customer satisfaction is unwavering, as we strive not just to meet but to exceed client expectations, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and positive experience from start to finish.

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Trade only

PD Industrial distinguishes itself in the retrofitting sector by adopting a trade-only approach, consciously stepping away from manufacturing activities. This focused strategy enables us to specialise exclusively in retrofit services,.. dedicating all our resources and expertise to the planning, design, and execution of retrofit projects. By not engaging in manufacturing, we can channel our efforts towards delivering highly specialised and custom-fit solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each client’s space. This approach ensures that our team remains up-to-date with the latest industry standards and technological advancements, allowing us to provide state-of-the-art retrofit services. Our commitment to being strictly a trade service provider underscores our mission to excel in transforming existing industrial and warehouse spaces into optimised, efficient, and modern facilities, without the distractions or limitations that manufacturing obligations might impose.

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Here’s some we made earlier

This project demonstrated the importance of careful coordination and management of all construction-related activities, particularly when working on a fully operational site.

Brilliant from planning to execution. Phil managed CDM with no issues whatsoever, and orchestrated 8 different contractors to ensure no downtime.”

Aaron Cunningham, – Project manager, DHL

We were able to double the space by installing Mezzanine floors. The new zones were constructed using Double Skin Steel partitioning – a fast and efficient way to create a new separate space within a workplace of this type.

We had to be mindful that the site was still in operation with working staff. Our procedures were maintained in accordance with health and safety regulations

We check out.

Our team is fully qualified to do the job safely and properly.

We also do

Warehouse Fitouts

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Racking Inspections

In today’s tough working environments, racking damage is common and repairs can be costly. Regular inspections help prevent issues before they arise, increasing safety and avoiding downtime.

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Racking Repairs

Our reputation for carrying out repair work is second to none, and we currently look after more of the UK’s largest companies than any of our competitors. We have a dedicated department for handling repairs, with a highly trained team with access to all UK and European manufacturers.

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