The challenge

The customer required us to work within a functioning warehouse to increase storage capacity whilst minimising any disruptions to daily operations.

Our solution

Using our innovative skate system, we were able to move existing fixtures completely intact and freely modify aisle widths to save valuable space by converting for use with a VNA truck.

A fraction of the cost of a traditional dismantle and rebuild, using skates means sprinkler systems can stay intact during relocation, saving our customers thousands and delivering speedy results.


of warehouse floor space freed


additional bay locations created


faster completion than anticipated

The results

Before PD Industrial got involved, the original project timeframe was estimated at 12 weeks, including a long period of downtime and losing a large number of bays in the process.

Our innovative relocating using skates allowed bring the timescale down by 40% to just 8 weeks. More importantly, warehouse staff could continue to carry out vital operations like picking and racking stock whilst we reconfigured the space. We call that a win-win situation!

Brilliant from planning to execution. Phil managed CDM with no issues whatsoever, and orchestrated 8 different contractors to ensure no downtime.”

Aaron Cunningham – Project manager, DHL

8 Weeks
  • Full CDM
  • Racking relocation
  • Increased space
  • Onsite installation
  • Project management

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We carried out this project under difficult circumstances but still delivered on time and within budget.

Trevor Deakin, - Operations Director, PD Industrial

This project demonstrated the importance of careful coordination and management of all construction-related activities, particularly when working on a fully operational site.