We’re proud to announce the launch of our new Racking Maintenance Packages, designed to cover the racking maintenance needs of our clients for the whole racking lifecycle from inspections to repairs.

Maintenance and repairs are one of the biggest pain points for our clients. Whilst annual inspections are essential to keep warehouses safe and operational, closing down locations due to racking damage is every Warehouse Manager’s worst nightmare, waiting for repairs to be booked in and parts to arrive can leave you playing catch-up for months just to get back on track.

Darren Hardiman, Managing Director of PD Industrial said:

We were sick of seeing our customers struggle with pages and pages long inspection reports, so we set out to create a digital platform to take this data and make it actionable. Theia allows our clients to manage the whole warehouse racking lifecycle from inspections to booking in repairs at the click of a button.

Powered by industry-first cloud based software Theia, our Racking Maintenance contracts are here to help keep your warehouse safe, compliant and operational, so you can focus on day to day business operations without the headaches of closing locations due to damaged racking.

Not only does Theia make inspections digital, but it also allows you to upload historical SEMA inspection reports onto the portal, and with a traffic light system for damaged units you can prioritise repairs, export a remedial list and instruct a contractor to carry out the work in just a few clicks.

Keeping on top of racking maintenance has never been easier for our clients. One of our customers already benefiting from the power of Theia is market-leading discount retailer The Works. Jamie Holmes, Project Manager Manager commented:

Previously there was a very manually intensive process, with lots of paperwork and lots of archiving that needed to be done. PD Industrial’s online portal Theia has changed that completely! It’s not very often in distribution that I’ve seen a game-changer come along but I genuinely believe that Theia is a game-changer in regards to racking safety.

The range of packages on offer range from Bronze for those who want to just get cover the basics, to Silver and Gold levels which include professional features like Virtual warehouse mapping, Pallet damage location reports and Critical outage alters delivered via mobile push notification.

Learn more about Racking Maintenance offering here or book a free demo to discover what Theia can do for you today.

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